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    • Peter

      One for all and all for one! inFlow Community is a place where real people, business owners just like you, can share ideas, tips and information about inFlow and how they use it. Post your questions and get answers from fellow community members!

      The goal is to create a welcoming, vibrant and collaborative environment where you can learn from your fellow peers. Please make sure to follow the below guidelines the get the most out of your time here 🙂

      Be respectful. We want to make sure this is a positive environment for everyone! Please be polite and considerate when you’re replying or chatting with others. Please also refrain from posting content that would constitute advertising, spam, or any other form of unauthorized solicitation.

      Be responsible. Exercise common sense and your best judgment when interacting with others. If you need to share sensitive information like your email or phone number, you can email us privately at

      Participate! Ask questions, share your knowledge and expertise, and make somebody’s day by answering their question. That’s what this forum is for 🙂

      Here you are part of a community of fellow business owners, willing to help each other out and share their experience. Thanks for joining and enjoy the forum!

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    • Thank You for providing this group.

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