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Editing Old Invoices (Saving Speed)

    • Sas

      I have a lot of problem with editing older invoices in our system. I have over 105,000 sales invoices in our system, and periodically I make changes to old invoices (ranging from a few days back to a few years back). Saving the more recent invoices takes a few seconds which is fine but going back to the older invoices (1 year and on); take minutes when saving; the screen of course hangs on the saving icon until fully saved (which takes up to 2-3 minutes sometimes).

      Is there any way to speed up saving adjusted old invoices? Also is there any way I can still work on other things in the software while an invoice is saving?

      I previously had the on-premise version of inFlow and thought maybe it was my system just not processing fast enough and hoped going to the Cloud version would speed that step up; but it really hasn’t and possibly takes longer now to adjust/save older invoices.

      Please let me know if you have any solutions and thanks in advance!

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    • Peter

      Hi Sas,

      Thanks so much for posting and I’m really sorry about the saving speed issues that you’re getting in inFlow.

      With a database of that size inFlow has a huge amount of information to search through to pull up any information from these older areas. We are constantly working on improving searches to speed up situations like this and I have brought this feedback to my development team to help push for it.

      In the short term it could be worth to partially archive your database. We could export some elements, Customers/Vendors/Products into excel and then re-import them and any Orders that were necessary once we reset your database. This could serve to lessen the amount of information inFlow has to search through and speed this up.We wrote up an article with the basic steps here

      If you wanted to talk more about it please feel free to reach out at and we’d be happy to help!

      Thanks again.

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