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Drag and Drop Attachmnets in On-Prem

    • The process of manually adding attachments to an order within InFlow is very tedious and time consuming. We would love to see drag and drop functionality be added the On-Prem instance.

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    • Peter

      Hi there,

      Thanks for posting! I’ve gone through the process just now and I can see the tediousness of it. It’s a few too many steps to take to add it in.

      I’ve reached out to our dev team and adding a simpler drag and drop process is something we’re considering going forward. I do want to say that unfortunately it would be coming into Cloud and not On-Premise since we moved our development to Cloud last year.

      I’m sorry about the lack of features coming to On-Premise and I will keep you updated if we’re able to include this feature in Cloud. Feel free to reach out to us directly at to talk about moving to Cloud!

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      • Thank you for the response. That is unfortunate to hear that on-prem will be lacking in updates moving forward. We are Federal customers and we are only permitted to utilize FedRAMP certified cloud services.

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