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Dashboard Reports

    • Peter

      Just because I work with the people that make inFlow doesn’t mean I don’t have my own list of features that I’d love to see in inFlow!

      I’d love to see the ability to generate reports based on the information available on the Dashboard. The information there offers a really great snapshot of the business at a glance without the need to dive into the details. It also breaks down the information into both weeks and days that allow for trends to be more easily analyzed.

      Is this something you’d find useful? Please give me feedback to bring to my team!

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    • Lance Burrows

      * Dashboard is very much focused on profit ($) graphing, however for non-profit based inventory management such as what we are doing in an educational institution we don’t require managing inventory based on cost value as much as tracking peak usage of items for setting re-order points (we have cost of all products set to $0.00), would it be possible to make a display on the dashboard to track sales orders without refining by cost value.

      Option for Highest to lowest sales volume by sales not by cost.

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