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Custom Report

    • Julie

      One suggestion I have is in regards to the report area. There should be an option to build a custom report. What I envision for that would be every option you already have available in the current reports but an opportunity to mix and match things that inflow may not have already put together. So any/all categories would be able to be able to be selected and put into a report and the columns could be moved around to look how you wanted it to in terms of order.

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    • Peter

      Hi Julie,

      Thanks for posting and solid idea on custom reporting. We’ve had requests like this in the past and it’s something we’re looking to be able to include in the future of Cloud.

      Currently with the structure of reporting limited by our Co-Program, Crystal Reports, it’s not possible to add this level of flexibility into inFlow. We did recently release a feature that allows you to export your reports as a CSV file so that you can tinker a bit more in excel.

      I’ve brought this feedback to our development team and I promise I’ll keep you in the loop as we move forward in the future with any changes to reports.

      Thanks again for the input!

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