General improvements:

  • You can now specify sublocations when importing Purchase and Sales orders. 
  • You can now add items by sublocations to Count Sheets and Stock Transfers. 
  • You can now save a Default Sublocation from the Fulfill/Pick/Receive tabs. 
  • If you auto-fill a Purchase Order, inFlow will now use the current date instead of the Requested Ship Date. 
  • The “Manufacture max” button now shows “Not enough parts” if you don’t have enough parts to manufacture any quantity of that product. 
  • The Shipped Date on sales orders will default to the current date instead of the Requested Ship Date.
  • We’ve added search to the Online Showroom product picker. 
  • Updating Payment Terms on an order will automatically update the Due Date.   
  • We’ve added an “Email sent” popup that shows after an email is sent from inFlow Cloud.  
  • We’ve moved the Return button into a menu (on the top-right corner of Sales Orders and Purchase Orders).  
  • We’ve made it easier to read long Item Names and Descriptions in the Item Details screen.  

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  • We’ve fixed an Amazon integration issue that skipped or stalled while pulling orders. 
  • We’ve fixed a QuickBooks Online integration issue that applied currency conversions in the wrong direction. 
  • We’ve fixed an export issue for non-default pricing schemes that use fixed markup. 
  • We fixed an issue that kept Item Names with leading zeros from showing up in Web and Mobile searches.   
  • We fixed a niche issue where orders could close (becoming uneditable) before you could save your changes. 
  • Changing company details will no longer remove Vendor custom fields. 
  • Purchase orders generated from the Reorder Stock window will respect your last-used shipping settings for that vendor.  
  • You will no longer see a blank screen if you trigger a reorder from an unsaved Work Order or Sales Order. 
  • You can now click through to Work Order subassemblies lines from the Order History tab. 
  • We fixed an Internet Explorer/Edge issue that stopped images from displaying in Online Showroom. 
  • If you have default locations set up, they will now appear instantly on new sales orders (you don’t need to wait until you save). 
  • You can now see the Address Name on customer records on mobile.  
  • We fixed an issue that kept you from editing Default Sales Reps on Android devices. 
    Scanning items onto a Sales Order will now automatically add the customer discounts (if applicable).