General improvements:

  • We’ve added a new Inventory Aging Report that you can use to see how long products have been in stock.   
  • Zapier can now receive currency and vendor names from inFlow.  
  • If your quantity on an order exceeds what you have available, you can now tap on the On hand or Available buttons to auto-fill those values.   
  • The header of each product now includes the stock count and default price.   
  • You can now select more than one product while adding products to an order.   
  • We’ve removed some optional fields from the New Product screen.   
  • We’ve added placeholder text to the search bar to make it easier to understand.   
  • The list view for sales and purchase orders now shows the relevant unit of measure, too.   

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  • The dashboard no longer includes inactive items in Products to Reorder.  
  • We’ve removed reorder settings for non-stocked and service items (because these products can’t be reordered).   
  • The location header within Product details now properly expands and collapses when you tap on it.   
  • Serialized products can once again be added to purchase and sales orders.