General improvements:

  •  We’ve removed inFlow branding and references from printed web documents (so they look cleaner now)

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  Showroom orders now copy customer’s custom field data to the sales order
  •  The Reorder window now loads properly from a work order or sales order
  •  Zapier data now shows the OrderNumber before the SalesOrderID
  •   The product details popup no longer appears blank after scanning a barcode.
  •   Manual changes to a product’s cost and price on mobile are now saved properly.
  •  We fixed a print screen crash that could occur when the default printer was set to a POS printer.
  •  The web links within the Make Labels window are now clickable.
  •  We’ve clarified our error messaging for duplicate products to specify both active and deactivated products.
  •  The Reorder stock window now handles long product names without overlapping the UI.
  •  We’ve disabled browser auto-fill on any inFlow drop-down fields (so that your browser doesn’t block your options).
  •  We fixed some alignment issues on our Invite User page.
  •  We’ve rewritten error messaging for serial numbers to make it easier to understand.
  •  Newly edited Showroom settings are now reflected in the Showroom preview.
  •  inFlow now anchors your list view after saving or updating (so you don’t suddenly lose your place in a long list).