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Inventory management is a tough balancing act. You have to know what’s in stock, which orders are coming in, and when you might need to order more. If you’re having trouble keeping up with inventory and orders, inFlow is the software for you.

Fulfill orders
Guided Picking
Print labels
Scan barcodes
Reorder stock
Track inventory

Fulfill from your phone

Scan to receive or fulfill orders, or update inventory levels right on the spot—right from your iPhone or Android device .

Reorder ahead of time

Reorder points that help you define your minimums and reorder notifications give you the breathing room to order more.

Track Inventory and orders

A real-time picture of what’s in stock and where each product is, even across multiple offices or warehouses.

Award-winning software

Trusted by 40,000 businesses around the world

InFlow has been one of the easiest inventory programs to work with. Not only is it easy to use, it is always updating with features from SKUs management, multiple locations inventory control, ordering and third party features and integration.

Harry M.

This software is capable of catering to your unique needs. It is a great option for start-ups and you get a lot of pack for the punch. You are paying a cost effective price point for optimal software. Inventory is a lot easier to manage using inFlow Inventory.

Gertie Z.

I love the simplicity of this program. I have over 1000 items in my warehouse we distribute to 32 stores. It makes the entire purchasing and invoicing system extremely easy for myself and my customers. The inflow showroom is amazing. The customers can actually see what they are purchasing.

Carrie M.

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Design labels and scan barcodes

Barcoding has never felt simpler. Generate unique SKUs for your products and use inFlow’s built-in Label Designer to create your own labels. Then just scan to:

Adjust Stocks

Pick, pack, and ship with over 50 carriers

inFlow has everything you need to pick, pack, and ship orders. You can use any device to create quotes, buy shipping labels, and email invoices to your customers. 

Take online orders from B2B customers

inFlow’s Online Showroom helps you create your own B2B Portal in just a few clicks. All of the product pictures, details, and descriptions you’ve put into inFlow will be available online for your customers to browse.

Track manufacturing costs and components

With all of your product and cost data already in your inventory software, you can assemble new products and project the costs (and profit!) on each build.

Integrate with 95+ platforms your business relies on

Boost your shelf confidence with inventory management software

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